Using #Asclepias speciosa as a model, we take a look at just what the hell is going on with Milkweed flowers, how easy they are to grow, and why should you p…

Thank you that’s wholesome. Illegally planting flowers is something I really gotta start doing!


That whole channel is one of my favorites and I am a big fan of the guerilla gardening movement as a whole!

Punks in Green

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    🌳 What is Solarpunk?🌳

    🌳 What should I do to create Utopia? 🌳

    🌳 What is a good volunteer organization I can join? 🌳

    🌳 What is a good political organization I can join? 🌳

    🌳 Where can I learn more about the Solarpunk movement? 🌳