Open source music tools can make it easy to create a music production studio on a $0 budget. Learn how to start making music with free music production software with this comprehensive roundup of tools and technologies

omg this list just saved me $89USD I was about to fork out for a hardware license for the VirtualDJ software I normally run to interface with the Hercules DJ control deck I just got from Amazon. Turns out the Mixxx software listed on this list supports my deck!


As so many of those linux audio lists, this is quite outdated unfortunately. For example, JaMin is abandoned since years and DrumGizmo also runs under Windows since a very long time but is marked as “N” here.

Here is a video by unfa, probably the most active/popular linux audio youtuber, where he talks about a lot of linux audio tools.


Helm is nice and very basic if you want to get into trying to make synth music


As of about 4 months ago, the only thing stopping me from moving to Linux full time was a good amp sim and drum sampler. Now I’m thinking it’s time to give it a go again.

All about open source! Feel free to ask questions, and share news, and interesting stuff!

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