Hello guys,

I’m a recent migrant from reddit, just trying to experiment with the italics, bolds and the source codes over here. Came here in quest of a classic reddit replacement from this reddit discussion.

Hoping to interact and get to know you all in the coming days!


Hello! I’ve had a much better experience here than on Reddit :)


I actually think this site is better made then Reddit, not bloated. Kinda like how small it is


Old Reddit? Maybe. New Reddit? It’s not even close. That thing is a fucking travesty and tragedy and makes me want to rip out my thorax.


Was talking old Reddit,

Fuck new Reddit.


Rip out your thorax? Surely that’s like trying to lift yourself into the air by pulling up on a chair you’re sitting on? Or maybe you just remove all of the limbs one by one and then chop your head, abdomen and final arm off

It shows how much the privately owned platforms can miss the mark. I prefer slightly outdated looking UI over a new UI that’s bad, lol.


Yes, but pleeeease just give me old Reddit-like UI :):)
Then it will be perfect.

I’m doing fantastic! I love everything about lemmy, I want to see it grow and thrive!


Ooo that monospace source code font is looking cool.

:(){ :|:& };:

Edit: don’t try this at home

That looks familiar what is it?


It’s called a fork-bomb.

ah thats it, I think I saw it in a list with rm -rf and things like that

nice to “meet” you. welcome.

Nice to meet you. I hope that the community here continues to grow in a positive direction


Sweet, great to have you ☺

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