Release v2.3.0 · Chocobozzz/PeerTube

Since v2.2.0 IMPORTANT NOTES Add client_overrides directory in configuration file. You must configure it in your production.yaml Deprecate /videos/abuse endpoint. A new endpoint to report videos w…


Is anyone else reminded of the early 2000s internet with the state of Peertube instances these days? Like, obviously our technology is far more matured but when it comes to moderation and (lack of) recommendations it feels like I’m on early YouTube or Google Video for those who remember that. Most of my IRL friends don’t care for it, but I’m amazed how far these projects have come in such little time and how much opportunity there is to properly build community this time.


And we know for a fact we’ll never get Jimmy Kimmel recommendations on videos that have nothing to do with it



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