Reflecting politics behind lemmy (genocide is bad, ok?)removed by mod

I created a new community that aims to reflect the politics behind lemmy.

Why? “because eventually it will also shape how lemmy will be. And since lemmy is not an empty space, it will have impact to culture and therefor real life consequences.”

The first post is in relation to a lemmy developer, justifying genocides done by tankies.

You’ll find that post here: The community here:

(…I wonder how long until this post will be deleted by the dev. I hope not, and it would signal me, that they are open for criticism and reflection)

You have already been pointed out at Mastodon that it is about sharing a meme, and yet again you use a phrasing that can be understood as if Felix had said it himself. I get the impression that you want to make yourself important and are not really interested in an argument.



deleted by creator

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