I am taking the red hat off, with this interview, west told reporters, referring to President Donald Trump’s trademark red MAGA baseball cap. Like everything I have ever done this in my life, I am doing this to win.


Once he threw on the MAGA hat and said slavery was a choice I decided I wasn’t going to listen to his new music. Now I don’t even want to listen to his old jams or anything featuring him. We should all let this goblin fade into obscurity.

He just wants to split the vote for his white supremacist buddies


I think we’re giving him too much credit. To me it just feels that he’s such an egomaniac he thinks he can pull it off. For one he is vocally antivax and prolife, if he’s trying to split the democratic vote he’s not exactly doing it right.


Is “don’t feed the trolls” still working?
(every mainstream media in the world is talking about this)
Oh dear.


If he doesn’t will he rid the earth of, umm, him?

USA what are you doing??

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