What has been your experience maintaining FOSS?

I was reading this lemmy post from a few weeks back and thinking about different ways to contribute.

One of the things it mentions is bug reports and improving docs.

I’m curious, as a FOSS maintainer what has your experience been like with contributions from non-technical contributors? Have you had many contributions like that? Do you wish you had more like that? Do you feel they are really helpful?

I’ve had a few successful open source project. Bug reports and improving docs are great. But what’s really great is someone who responds to basic questions (in the form of bug reports) for me! Basically a small group of users who are willing to provide support to other users. Those people are a absolute blessing.


The contributions to lemmy at least via non-programmers has been really great. A LOT of weblate translations, good documentation suggestions, and good feature suggestions. The only negative I can say is that I ofter have a communication overload… there’s people trying to get my attention to fix problems, on multiple mediums, usually in a very non-demanding polite way, but it can be stress-inducing.

Also it just takes time away from me doing what I really want to do, which is coding and improving lemmy. But other than that its been a really good experienc…


Aww… just do what you can, and please take care of yourself. Oh and also thanks for all your work c:


No probs :smiling face:


Depends. It’s a nice development, but (I’m creating the game) people exploit systems and sometimes don’t want to report bugs.

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