Does this also account for states “reopening” at the same time? Are the new epicenters in texas and florida linked to protests?


That’s an excellent question!

At the very least we can probably conclude that things aren’t going great, but it’s still important to realize that this is a very broad stat and an aggregate of many causes.

Over in my country, they’ve been all-around pretty strict in enforcing ‘social distancing’, but we had at least one BLM protest where this was not observed, and at least one anti-social distancing protest before the crackdown on those. I’m very curious to see whether we’ll have statistics granular enough to tell how much these affect the number of covid-19 cases. Quite likely we will, as AFAIK stats are available per-region and these two incidents were in very different places.

All that aside though, the fact that we’re generally still pretty observant of the rules, even if less so than before, gives me hope that we’ll not have an unmanageable spike soon. I’m really worried about the US though. I sincerely hope summer weather ends up being a mitigating factor for y’all!


And among all of this, the US president does fuckall.

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