Why?! tl;dr: I get frustrated using writing apps that don’t support Vim style keyboard navigation. If you’re old, nerdy (in a computer sense) or both, you’ve probably come across Vim. It’s great, and there is no denying that keeping one’s fingers on the home row makes one a more efficient inputer. And there’s emacs. It’s great too. This is not an article about Emacs or Vim, but if you’re interested in arcane nerd history, Google: Bram Moolenaar, Richard Stallmand and Eric.

I have been using emacs for almost two decades. My fingers had been programmed to use emacs’ keychords.

Thus, using other keychord is “utmost” difficult for me.

Somehow, out of curiosity, I tried to learn vim and then, I realized that vim’s keychord is really beautiful.

It is true that I stopped using vim after trying for two or three days. Primarily, it was because I could not be productive using vim only after a few days.

But yes, one of the thing on my list is nurturing my vim skill.

Someday, somewhere in the future, I am going to learn vim again.


Spacemacs has a hybrid mode where you use vim commands in normal mode and Emacs shortcuts in insert mode. I use that. Or you can turn it completely to Emacs shortcuts.

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