Do Chinese eat Dog in 2020? What is the truth? The world is of strong belief all Chinese people love to eat dog. It’s time to kill the stereotype.


Fact check: mostly true.

the belief that dog meat is tasty and good for health is etched into Chinese culture.

Not in my culture, I suppose?


Why is dog meat supposed to be worse than beef or pork or whatever? To me this is just a thinly veiled excuse for racism.


There are people who eat dog meat in any country unless they do not eat meat (any animal).

Saying that “the belief that dog meat is tasty and good for health is etched into Chinese culture.” is about as accurate as saying “being racist is an essential part of Norwegian culture”. Sure, we have quite a few racists in Norway, but that still doesn’t make people judgeful against us as a nation. China, on the other hand, gets no sympathy. If someone in China does something we dislike, we immediately start making claims that it’s their culture. If someone in the west does something we dislike, then it’s just individual variety.

I have never met a Chinese person who thinks it’s healthy or Ok in any way to eat dog meat. The only person I know who has eaten dog meat was a Norwegian co-worker, who deliberately searched for a place he could eat dog meat when he visited China. What he didn’t know is that a big part of that market is done by crimminals, who steal other people’s pets. He was probably eating someone’s stolen pet.


the context for why i post this is:

in germany, there are some click-bait news magazines/shows who covered this topic once. I was sceptical of it and now with this new community, i remembered the this topic and researched it. (if i hand’t found this article, i’d have probably asked here)

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