• manual install with apache or nginx or haproxy ?
  • Docker install ?
  • Snap install ?
  • With proxy or no proxy ?

I am wondering how stable Nextcloud snap is and what its restrictions are. Onlyoffice and Collabora Online for Nextcloud come with restrictions and I read somewhere that Nextcloud with snap cannot do all that you can do with a manual install. A pro of Snap would be auto upgrade (right ?) and easy backups and migrations to another server.


Mine is with docker-compose, including nginx as reverse proxy. I used the snap before but it always took really long to update, so I would definitely recommend using Docker. Upgrades and migrations are also quite easy with docker-compose btw.


For a little bit I had it installed through Vultr, which offered it as a click-and-go option. Right now I’m using it through disroot.org and it’s not too bad, since I don’t have to administer it. But it means I miss out on Nextcloud apps unles disroot decides they want to include them.


I used to run it as a manual install, but would not recommend. Configuring the web server and database is a pain. Certainly doable, but certainly also something where you could end up spending hours, because you made a mistake somewhere.


I have some kind of manual install and it continues to complain about my php configuration but I have already spent longer than I want staring into that void.


I am using the nextcloud snap on my Ubuntu server and I am quite happy with it as there is almost no maintenance effort needed. I primarily use default settings and just used their certbot integration to get a proper certificate. Not sure what exactly else is possible with the snap.


+1 for docker-compose. Easy to setup, easy to backup, easy to update.


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Talk about Nextcloud. Nextcloud has its own forums, but I am not super keen on Discourse based forums. Hopefully here we can share information and find mutual tech aid.

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