Brexit will make UK workers poorer over next decade, report says
An academic report "The Big Brexit" says some negative impacts on trade cannot be explained by the pandemic and is down to the UK's departure from the EU.
53 días

Around a third of brits - supposedly the richer ones - are investing in capital markets, and a large part of these capital investments are denominated in USD. Since the day of the Brexit vote, the GBP lost 20% against the dollar, so investors increased their asset values in terms of GBP by 20% just by the currency devaluation alone.

Following concerns that the UK will be less attractive as a base for foreign companies, the British government reduced the corporate tax rate from 20% before the Brexit vote to 19% in 2019 and further to 17% in April 2020. Out of the rich and the poor, guess who is going to benefit?

53 días

Of course it did. Just as everyone predicted.


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