Hey folx,
after this thread (is that called “thread”? :slightly smiling face: ) I discovered how to name a problem in the fediverse: brandjacking.
Calling an instance “name-of-the-software name-of-the-coutry/language” at the domain “name-of-the-software(dot)cTLD/similar” is not automaticly brandjacking by itself. It is brandjacking with a predatory attitude towards the fediverse.
I found some countermeasure here (via wiki “see also”) but it is not satisfying since strategies for companies do not apply to free software brands.

Brandjacking is not hypothetical scenario in the fediverse. It has already happened with Funkwhale (same URL as in the title): although Funkwhale has identity guidelines, they were not enough to prevent so-called “ethical publishers” hijacking Funkwhale’s brand equity.
I open this thread to survey some affirmative action against this conduct and protect Lemmy identity for the future.:hugging face:


Hey @dessalines, @nutomic, @all. Now that anti-Semitic instances have come, would you mind to consider identity guidelines for Lemmy? I would not like that “Powered by Lemmy” and the logo are associated to these people.


thanks +1 (forwarded it to our mod-group)

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