Are blockchains decentralized?
A new Trail of Bits research report examines unintended centralities in distributed ledgers Blockchains can help push the boundaries of current technology in useful ways. However, to make good risk…
Arthur Besse

one slightly confusing/misleading thing here caught my eye - “Tor is now the largest network provider in Bitcoin, routing traffic for about half of Bitcoin’s nodes. Half of these nodes are routed through the Tor network, and the other half are reachable through .onion addresses.” … “A malicious Tor exit node can modify or drop traffic similarly to an ISP.

Connections to .onion addresses do not involve exit nodes. The tor relays involved in onion connections cannot see any unencrypted traffic, and they cannot modify anything. They can drop things based on protocol fingerprinting, which is still possible despite the onion encryption, but that is much less of a capability than an ISP routing unencrypted protocol traffic has.

It isn’t clear what “Half of these nodes are routed through the Tor network, and the other half are reachable through .onion addresses” means exactly. If a node is “routed through tor” and doesn’t have an onion address, that would mean it can’t receive incoming connections. If it has an onion address and is configured to make connections to non-onion addresses, then it is “routing through tor” (through an exit node) for its outbound connections to non-Tor nodes. Does it count in both halves of the supposed tor-using half then?


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