I’ve been thinking for a while of how to make a program like this distributed but I’ve found no way. So I’m thinking of implementing a client-server model with the server behind tor. Would the server be sued out of existence?


Server would have to be somewhere in the world like China or Russia probably to go without disruption.

Think about the Unix philosophy. Make a database (e.g. with SQLite or MongoDB) which can be distributed/exported as a file, make a merge algorithm which can merge other DB files and then let the user sync their data themselves.

Syncthing can be used as a kind of “private tracker” in that regard. I wouldn’t include TOR in the equation because that would make it harder to use for people without TOR. Look at stuff like torrents-csv-server.


Check out Tribler.


This looks really interesting! Does the tor element of the network mean that using VPNs are not as important to have? I basically don’t trust downloading without one, but it is always nice to have an option that can be used in a pinch if needed or otherwise be okay if the VPN went down.


For clarity, it doesn’t use Tor. It uses its own onion/relay network. The website says “Do not put yourself in danger. Our anonymity is not yet mature.”

That depends on your threat level and danger. I use it to avoid DRM violations and my ISP, and it’s been 100% mature for that. I have no other “danger” or need of “anonymity”, so it works exactly like I need it to.

The other option is I2P or something like BiglyBT+I2P plugin.

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