Hey everyone, hope you are doing fine. I’m new and a noob about decentralized social networks like the Fediverse. So, sorry If this was asked before (and for my eventual mistakes, english isn’t my main language). I’ll give you some context:

  1. When I found out about Mastodon and Diaspora as FLOSS alternatives to Twitter and Facebook, I researched about the popular instances, to create an account in there.

  2. I was thinking about downloading my own data from Twitter/Facebook (T/F from now on) and re-post all the publications made on those social networks in Mastodon/Diaspora (M/D from now on). But then I realized that it’s too big a task to re-post the things that I have been sharing for years. So, I just keep my data and the accounts open in T/F, just to copy-and-paste everything one post each time, when I remembered to do so.

  3. But then I thought that there is a lot of bots, or scripts, that can do this kind of things in a automatic way. The thing is that I’m not a programmer, I barely use the Terminal so update/upgrade or install the packages that I need in Debian 10.3 stable. I even considered to try to create a script/program myself, using a guide like this one: https://www.programmableweb.com/news/i-tried-getting-my-data-out-facebook-quitting-i-even-wrote-code-it-didnt-go-well/analysis/2019/07/02 But I don’t know anything about programming, so I don’t want to mess up with things that are important (my data from T/F and my own computer).

  4. So, I researched again and found out about https://crossposter.masto.donte.com.br/ and http://activitypub.actor/ . But if I understand correctly, this tools don’t allow to share all your tweets (Twitter) as toots (Mastodon), so I doesn’t help to migrate the data from one social network to another.

  5. Also, it seems that this topic has been given something to talk in the corporate developers of the centralized social media: https://datatransferproject.dev/ But, again, there is not an official way to migrate from centralized (T/F) to decentralized (M/D) networks, and I don’t feel comfortable about letting my T/F open and running just do wait that “official tool” that would let me change my whole virtual environment without losing the data of my past years.

All things been said, does anyone know something that would help me migrate my data from T/F to M/D?

I’m more interested in re-post all my tweets as toots, so I could forget about transferring my posts from F to D at least for now.


Thank you for sharing https://github.com/FGRibreau/import-tweets-to-mastodon link, looks interesting!


In other place, I received this answer:

Export them before you close your twitter. https://help.twitter.com/en/managing-your-account/how-to-download-your-twitter-archive This means you don’t lose anything, it’s just no longer public for other people to read. If having those tweets is enough, you’re done, have fun on mastodon.

Otherwise try https://github.com/FGRibreau/import-tweets-to-mastodon You’ll need git and npm installed, and then just copy those commands. That tweets.js comes from your twitter archive. You can get the Mastodon API key from the settings on the mastodon instance you’re using (Settings>Developer>New Application).

Don’t wait for an easy graphical tool, you’ll be waiting for years.

The script author seems to be here: https://framapiaf.org/@fgribreau


In other place, I received this answer:

  1. For Twitter -> Mastodon, there seems to be a program that does what you’re looking for. Its usage seems simple, but you would need npm (JavaScript package manager) to run it. 🤷‍♀️


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