WhatsApp Is Imposing Stricter Limits On Forwarding Messages To Slow Down Coronavirus Misinformation

Once a message has been forwarded more than five times in total, it can now only be forwarded to one chat at a time.

By doing so, it implies that Whatsapp is recording, tracking and analyzing every message that is sent on the platform. It detects when a message is going viral, and it blocks your freedom to share it.

It can now be done to limit the spread of fake news, but it also means that they have the power to do such things. They can limit a message to organize a protest for example. We can now know for sure (if we didn’t know before) that Whatsapp is tracking every message you send.


It could just mean they’re putting TTLs on messages now but only viral messages reach that limit.

Not that I’m saying WhatsApp is the good guy by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just not convinced yet they’re reading the messages for analyzing them remotely.


I think we can agree that Whatsapp (or Facebook respectively) will record, track and analyze all of the data they have - including the metadata and (encrypted) messages.

As the messages are encrypted Whatsapp doesn’t know the content. So as long as the message is minimaly modified, it should pass through, right? Or do you see any possibility that Whatsapp can censor messages with specific content?

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