Hundreds of Hummingbirds at Bird Feeder! (in HD)
This was filmed in So California! (Oceanside If you want to be notified when I upload similar videos, please click the Subscribe button. Why turn off your expensive big screen TV when you are not watching it? Turn it into a window to the world in high definition using hardware like the Apple TV, Roku, Tivo, Boxee, XBox PS3, or Google TV, Ideal for homes, offices, waiting rooms, rest homes, home, office, restaurant, spa center, hospitals, and home confinement. Check out my playlist of similar videos: To see all 3 hummingbird feeders click here: Hummingbirds can hover in mid-air by rapidly flapping their wings 12--80 times per second. They can also fly backwards. They are among the smallest of birds about 3-4 inches long. Their name derives from the characteristic hum made by their rapid wing beats. They can fly at speeds exceeding 34 miles per hour. Hummingbirds drink nectar, a sweet liquid inside certain flowers. and by preying on insects and spiders. This 2 hour video was filmed in January, 2012 in Southern California near San Diego. Most of the birds are Anna's Hummingbird which is a year-round resident. You can occassionally see other hummingbirds that have migrated from Costa Rica. There are a total of 3 feeders which consume about 2 gallons per day of (use 4 parts water to 1 part sugar. Ie: 30 oz container. 30/5=6. 6x4=24 oz water, 6 oz granulated sugar; no dye has been added). The amount consumed suggest these feeders support hundreds of hummingbirds. The males have more colorful plummage. The location of the feeder is in the backyard overlooking a golf course. The feeders have been at this location for 3 years! Just before sunset they become numerous. For more about hummingbirds click here:
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