DDG vs. Startpage vs. Mojeek vs. Searxes

In terms of privacy, this is how the Searxes (meta of meta searches) compares to DDG, Startpage, and Mojeek:

privacy factor DDG Startpage Mojeek Searxes
caught violating privacy policy yes no no no
bad track record (history of privacy abuse) yes (CEO founded Names DB) owned by targetted ad agency no
feeds other privacy abusers yes (Verizon-Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon, CloudFlare) yes (Google, CloudFlare) no no
privacy-hostile sites in search results yes yes yes (but appears less frequent than ddg) no (CloudFlare sites filtered out)
server code is open source no no no yes
has an onion site yes (but Tor-hostile results still given) no no yes
gives users a proxy or cache no yes (using Anonymous View feature) no yes (via the favicons)

Search engines potentially worthy of further investigation:


Investigate also Whoogle, very nice and fast search engine and one of this I use most

https://github.com/benbusby/whoogle-search (selfhosted and also public instances)

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