Is Rust taught in universities yet?

I personally think it’d be a great way to teach low-level functional programming, memory management and multithreading. Does anyone know of any university undergrad computer science courses use Rust as as a teaching language? Should they?

Serge Tarkovski

Can anyone compare Rust with similar low-level-programming-oriented languages, say C++ or D?


I think this would be a poor choice.

Operating Systems are still mostly written in C. When you start with Rust, you probably won’t learn what Segmentation faults, etc. are exactly.

Rather, i think C should be taught as part of an operating systems course. Not sure if Rust should be taught ever, as it doesn’t fit very well to explain a particular area of computer science well. for instance, python and java can be used to teach object orientated programming, an important skill IMHO.

I think Rust is better suited for an advanced programming class.


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I definitely agree : C can be used to teach the way the computer really works at low level whereas a pure functional language can be used to teach algorithmic.

I was taught caml (caml lite, not ocaml unfortunately). Maybe haskell can be great to teach algorithmic too.

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