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Many governments have tried to abandon Windows. It is not only expensive, but due to its closed source nature can compromise national security. So far, there have been some successes. Pardus Linux has especially formed into a complete, easy to use, Windows replacement for Turkey; and Ubuntu Kylin is one of the most popular OS’s in China . Yet, there is one state sponsored Linux distro that has managed to slip under everyone’s nose. Nova Linux is a Cuba, Ubuntu based distro that has had its fair share of troubles through the years, but ultimately, seems to be doing pretty good. So, I, an American that doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish, gave it a whirl, and will explain some of the little quirks and benefits of this pretty cool, unique distro.

It is not only expensive, but due to its closed source nature can compromise national security

Cuban government: *proceeds to create a closed source distro for their subordinates.*

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I was wondering where you saw this? I don’t have any experience with Nova.

Iván Ávalos 🇲🇽
4 meses
  1. Wikipedia.
  2. There’s no link to source-code in the official website ( ).
  3. It’s Cuba, it was expected.

Edit: I just requested Nova’s entire source code via e-mail, let’s see if they are hypocrites or not.

they would only really be hypocrites if they were distributing this software to other countries and using it to compromise their national security


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Well…yes. Closed source software coming from the west can do anything in your country, and you wouldn’t even know it. Closed source software that you made and you know what it does does not compromise national security. In fact, it improves security against outside agents. It’s not closed source to the Cuban government, they made it.

Iván Ávalos 🇲🇽
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The problem is, no security against internal agents. Your own government can spy on you to detect political dissent and prosecute you, and do whatever they want with Nova, and as a subordinate, you have no rights whatsoever over your personal copy.

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