And that’s why there needs to be greater adoption of mesh networking. There are already some in use in politically oppressed places, like Hong Kong. There’s also some interesting projects like locha, which not only enable traditional messaging-like communication (if we can call this traditional), but also broadcasting cryptocurrency transactions! (there’s progress on also enabling users to transact Monero, which is pretty cool imo)

Anyway, best of luck to them in subverting (at least partly) their oppressive regime. Interestingly India has recently had a great influx of Mastodon users due to censorship of political activists by Twitter :)


in my bad english: The Fediverso is an incredible opportunity for decentralization, security and privacy. I feel that maybe Riot (matrix) can be a mature app, there are still Briar, Manyverse and many others. Despite a lot of fragmentation and scattered energies, I am very optimistic about our disruptive potencail.

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