Haas team boss Gunther Steiner says Formula 1 2022's tight midfield battle shows that it cannot simply increase the budget cap to accommodate the rising costs for its biggest spenders.

Always happy to hear thoughts from Gunther. I cant imagine dealing with the amount of crashes from his drivers this year is going to help the balance sheet.


As much as I’d like my team to be able to spend enough to win, I have to agree with Steiner on this. Brundle’s saying, “The throttle pedal goes both ways” applies here. Teams can stop developing, they don’t have to keep going. The whole point of the budget cap is to limit spending, and it looks like it’s working!

Yeah the fact that teams like Mercedes cannot spend their way to winning a championship is a big deal. Haas making the call not to develop their 2021 car showed prudent use of their budget.

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