In response to this comment, I wrote:

It is not a security problem. It’s actually more secure to send data via PGP-encrypted email than HTTPS (which can be MitMd).

I believe the problem is that not enough people are PGP capable to be interesting enough for banks to take the risk of doing something different. US banks are extremely risk averse. There are a couple banks outside the US that send PGP email but they don’t deal with checks.

That comment was censored.

Censorship on Reddit

    Observatory of content that was censored on Reddit. Copy your posts that were censored in Reddit here. We can then collectively analyze whether the post was civil, whether it broke rules, and get an idea of the impact of Reddit censorship. We can also discuss the societal impact of Reddit’s style of silent & blind censorship, such that authors often does not even know they were censored.

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