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Hi folks :)

Yesterday I made a Discord server for trans MLs (link in this main post lol) and so far it’s such a fun community, I never even saw such a community before, especially how large it’s gotten already, and I’m just really pleased with myself and having a good few days uwu.

How’s everyone else going so far this weekend?

Who downvoted this


some nerd prob

go to Reddit to check an old post

Front page “Ukraine destroys a Russian ammo depot as it pushes for Donbas”

Close Reddit

Terrible idea in hindsight.

The video was probably a Russian missle hitting a Ukrainian weapon depot lmao (Onyx and Kalibr missles go brrrr)

The R*ddit front page is NSFL

For sure

@Comrade_rose posting so much these days that I’m beginning to question whether they’re human or just an absolute content machine.

They import a lot of content from our subreddits as well, which is great because there was so much good content that is now safe from corporate censorship

that’s why some of them felt familiar

Such a wholesome hug in the thread photo :)

I was thinking the same thing, this is such a lovely cover photo

sometimes ashley

It was a joy finding it


Xi is Chairman Dad

Yup, many people referred to him as 习大大/Uncle Xi (大大 is apparently also used to refer to dads too) :D


I was reading some comments about the last episode of the owl house, and my god they were blaming china and saudi arabia for the series being shortened and not Disney being a terrible company people like to find scapegoats to blame for anything.

reminding that r/ECS and r/TankieJerk still having rent free head even after we got banished from the original sub



What’s all the iter I need to do to move to China? Am still young w no work experience but seeing my nation fall as many people leave, I wanted to move to a based socialist country.

If you are young (like under 30) u can consider signing up for Uni there… if you don’t already have qualifications they like as a foreigner.

Or u can think about Latin America or Eurasia. Soon I will have completed my TEFL course (Maybe u are interested in that)

That’s what I’ve gathered so far.

i wouldn’t recommend Latin America.


If you have money all doors open. Otherwise tough luck

You can start with learning chinese and contacting the chinese embassy for information about opportunities in china.

Are you USian or European?

Here are some specifics:

Learn Chinese, use HelloChinese and DuChinese apps alongside Pleco Chinese Dictionary app.

I would also suggest getting an app like Tandem where you can talk with native speakers.

If it’s possible where you are located and you can afford it, find an in-person tutor, they can help tremendously with body language stuff and all that.

You’ll want to spend lots of time learning about the history of China, culture etc

You also should start looking at jobs open to international workers and see if they fit your career/skill goals.

As far as I know, you need a bachelors at minimum to find any work. Which I must state, finding a job is going to be difficult.

If this is something you really want, you are going to have to seriously commit to it for many years. Not trying to scare you away at all, but Chinese immigration laws are very strict and there is always preference for Chinese workers first. The stronger your mastery of Mandarin, spoken and written, and better understanding of current culture/society and modern/long history the better.

You could also look at Vietnam, Vietnam is a beautiful country and is a bit more open for immigrants and is also a socialist state.

Many universities from the Global South that have good relationships with China have programs where you go study in China for a semester of two. If anyone’s lucky enough to have access to these opportunities, take them.



deleted by creator

The socialist (most leftist) Union in my country (which I’m a member of) announced they will turn to some more radical actions. They will also turn to a 24 hour country wide strike if one of their members gets arrested again.

Starting to look good.

Excuse me, comrade. I heard a fascist worked out today. Did you?

BTW I was meaning to ask, do you work out every day? Is it a good idea to?

Depends on your goal really.

I work out 3-4 times on average with different intensity. I have one day for biceps, back and legs and one day for chest, triceps, shoulders. I do abs on both. On the other days I do some lighter of one of these days and add in some cardio. I’m not huge or anything (6ft1 / 176 lbs) but I have muscles. I also do shadow boxing and train other martiale arts techniques in between.

If you want to be an absolute unit you can go every day.

I’d say try to hit every muscle group at least once a week, so 1-2 workouts a week. Also do some basic cardio and throw some martial arts in the mix if you want (they’re great cardio as well).

I actually work out 4 days alternating muscle groups (today it’s the core + legs) and then rest for a day, so I was wondering if I’m not actually overdoing it. Trying to get a bit more muscle and generally stronger and flexible since I’ve neglected myself in past years almost completely, and even got back to obesity levels during pandemic.

As long as you give your muscles time to repair and rest you’re fine with working out every day. Walking for a long time is also working out. So is running. Lots of different ways to workout. Variation is important.

4 days is great. Keep up the good work comrade. And remember, you don’t need to be 100% perfect in everything. Rather, be 80% perfect (with food, workouts, technique etc) but be 100% consistent.

Aye, thanks for advice and support, comrade.

Zelensky got interviewed by this Dutch news program and one of the reporters asked him if he was prepared to meet all the requirements regarding the EU membership. He was then asked about the insane corruption within his country. He did not like that question lmao.

Is the media finally getting more critical of this war? Can it be?

More like the Dutch didn’t want the poor slavs to enter their EU clusterfuck

Sounds about right. The west has used Ukraine as a pawn.

DankZedong ☭☭☭

The People’s Liberation Army has to be the one of the most based names you can give your armed forces

The worst about being banned from r*ddit has to be be seeing posts that are objectively wrong and not being able to call them out.

Let them stay blind, they’re headed for the cliff. Russia now controls more than 20% of Ukraine, by Zelenskyy’s own admission, and every Ukrainian “victory” seems to take place 20 miles closer to Kiev.


Telegram group sucks booooo

Very cool, very based 💖😍

sometimes ashley

Tankies will deny this, but it is true

Quick question: is it possible to upload a video to a lemmygrad post directly? I know how to add a picture, but not a video, and there’s something I would like to share with you, fine comrades.

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