All three adjectives used here are extremely subjective

Aim for nothing, you’ll be content 😋😍

This isnt even true at face value and ignoring the subjectivity. People talk about “sustainable happiness” and improving welbeing all the time in the business of academia and in certain contexts it tends to have a huge impact on avoiding addiction, disease, fostering academic success and prevention of suicide. I just did a paper that highlights that Native communities and individuals that have high levels of proficiency in their heritage languages, and thus have better intergenerationally connected communities, have greater welbeing and purpose.


Also I want to add that the “serve the imperial machine” thing is legit the sentiment here. It reminds me of certain Christian doctrines that center servitude to God and the church, because God is correct and mighty. Its a demand that you never consider the impacts this has on yourself or others. Its such a cult mentality.

In other other news, psychology once more shown to be pseudoscience.

Don’t be ridiculous, what’s wrong here is not inherent to psychology, but the fact that contemporary trauma is in most cases due to material conditions, how are psychologists supposed to treat a person who is financially unable to overcome this situation? Their fault is in not recognizing this and lying to their patients as if they were able to fight poverty with kitsch positivism; they need to transform the medical praxis into a radicalizing space where politics are involved.


The psychology field is riddled with pseudoscientific studies, but yes.

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Documenting the bullshit that neofascists say and do. Mostly stupid shit.

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