You gotta love how white people who aren’t even Italian think so highly of Rome.

“My tribal ancestors got conquered and enslaved once by the Romans! That’s civilization for you!”

Their tribal ancestors: “Suuure”

I’m russian. I’m not a fan of Putin or his politics. But i must admit our economy held out. Lib who made this is just coping.
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I feel like America sanctioned itself just as much as Russia with this crazy inflation.
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ruined prestige? ruined economy? where? honestly the author of the og post is on some crazy shit, where can I find it?

White supremacist little fantasy world in Western fake news by ignorant spoiled rich kids are the source. I know that Putin cannot be bad in the Ukraine military intervention case because he acts against NATO and the Western narrative on the Ukraine war have self-contradiction, inconsistency, or refusal to explain the background context like the 8 years genocide against Donbass that justify Putin’s military intervention.

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Didn’t Nazi Germany claim to be the third Roman empire?

HRE, the Russian Empire and the Ottoman empire all claimed that. HRE claimed that because the Pope said so. Russia claimed so because one of the Romanov’s married a Roman princess before the fall of Constantinople and were the largest Orthodox country(Orthodoxy follows the original Christianity of Rome closer according to themselves) Otooman Empire claimed that(for a bit) as they conquered “Nova Roma”(Constantinople)

No that was the other germany, the HRE one.

How Europeans and western liberals think:

Movie is pretty good too

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Romaboos be like:

  • Checks calendar
  • The year is past 1453
  • Intense sobbing

Checks again: year past 476

Romaboos shidding and crying rn

the third rome, how many fucking romes existed according to these people???

After Constantinople fell to the Ottomans, russian orthodox church started to push that idea about first Pskov and then Moscow, since russian OC was the strongest patriarchy and Moscow was the strongest orthodox country. I don’t think it was offcial although Ivan III coronation as Tsar (“Caesar”) was confirmation of sort, and the idea was often more or less officially mentioned trough the ages.

There was of course also the Carolingian Empire which was official successor of the Western Rome, and Holy Roman Empire later.

Ottoman Sultans also counted themselves as roman emperors.

So 6. There were 6 Romes. Maybe even 7 if we count the Trebizond episode, but it’s not counted usually.

There is also the holy roman empire, that was nor holy, nor roman, and neither an empire.

Yeah, i mentioned it. There was also this title included.

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Smh everybody knows Finland is the third Rome

That or the Ottomans

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What on earth makes modern day Russia in any way comparible to fucking Rome

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Practically, nothing. But That’s not the point.

Vandals intensifying

Rome fighting its 699th rebel insurgence in the last century:

Liberals say a lot of stupid things. Post incidences here.

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