I’m real sick of this double standard in the West:

Reports of Russia doing something bad? 100% true and you’re a paid shill if you question any part of it! This proves that Russia is the devil and all your arguments are invalid!

Reports of Ukraine doing something equally bad? “I hope not.” “We need more evidence.” “It’s just Russian misinformation!” And even if they do accept it as true: “They’re in a tough situation, cut them some slack!” and “Oh yeah? Well Russia is worse so Ukraine’s war crimes are justified!”

Ukranians are the good guys

Manichaeism in its purest form lol

As long as the torture camp on Guantanamo Bay still exists, moralizing liberals can stfu

Yeah, even if Russia was 100% unprovoked, the US has no right to criticize anyone.


Without even going into which country is better or worse, “they’re the good guys and they’re the bad guys” is already a logical fallacy. The only time that applies is in a movie or novel. And even with a completely fictional setting, having definite good and bad guys is considered cliche and lazy writing.

Putin is SUCH a Slytherin!!!

your words anger me

note how there are quotes around credible, to make it seem like it isn’t really

The UN is Russian propaganda.


good guys / bad guys

This is your brain on Hollywood

Honestly im surprised she was not saying that the Russians should all be exterminated, so at least she knows that war crimes are bad.

God this war lowered my standarts for people so much. Not wanting to commit genocide is an reedemingly quality instead of basic human decency.

True, some of the younger libs on reddit would be cheering for the “slaughter of orcs” as they’d put it

Ukraine being a fascist shithole aside, Imagine being a grown man, an adult, and calling any side in a modern day war “The Good Guys.” Dude’s completely brainwashed.


“Ukrainians are the good guys, they need to act like it” 🤣🤣🤣🤣


“Why do these good guys keep repeatedly acting like bad guys? I can’t figure it out. 🤷”


“ooo please! Why are you questioning so much? My brain hurts! I can’t think anymore”

I saw a video yesterday from The Marxist Project about the Nazi problem in Ukraine. The video was made over a year ago, and all the warnings were there. All the media knew about it. Now they are the good guys.

I’ve just noticed something about the Ukrainian uniforms…

Yes, what?

Well, you see…they’ve got skulls on them.

Literal idealism and backwards reasoning. You’d think the way you act determines you being good or bad (ignoring how infantile these categories are). For these people the conclusion is foregone, then reality has to justify the conclusion. If it doesn’t, that’s stressful, but not that much of an issue. That’s how they reconcile these contradictions even when they smack em in the face. That’s why they don’t mind eg Guantanamo that much - we already know we’re good, the reality of a torture prison doesn’t influence the conclusion.

Lol love the scare quotes around credible

“They’re the good guys, according to this other ruling class that tortured people to fabricate evidence against Iraq.”

I thought they were close to getting it, people were linking them info about Azov and everything, but they just dismissed everything as ‘Russian propaganda’.

The UN is now Russian propaganda. Next up, the CIA says USSR wasn’t a dictatorship in “credible” report.

already happened, saw that in reddit a while ago

I feel like it’s an unspoken fact at this point. Anyone truly paying attention, at least in the real world and not on Twitter or Reddit, is fully aware that the Ukrainian army is full of Nazi war criminals. We’re just not talking about it apparently.

Reddit is officially a lost cause, but I see a lot of people on twitter pushing back against the Western narrative.

The reality of Ukraine will be obvious to everyone one day soon, but by then most people will have moved on to the next thing.

The reality of Ukraine will be obvious to everyone one day soon

People will still find ways to justify it. Just like they are whitewashing Bandera and his ilk now. Just like how everyone knows of horrid things USA and UK have done and don’t care.

Liberals say a lot of stupid things. Post incidences here.

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