It was already discriminatory to hate furries. It’s just becoming obvious.

<a title=‘By /u/DnD-NewGuy’ href=‘’><blockquote>I find it disgusting to be sexually attracted to animal traits because that is just watered down beastiality.<br /> <br /> That said if you just find those traits cool or interesting from world building perspectives etc there is nothing wrong with that just as there is nothing wrong with finding animals cool.</blockquote></a>

I can’t wait for them to realize that humans are a part of the animal kingdom. Is having sex with humans “bestiality” then?

<a title=‘By /u/BrankBrank96’ href=‘’><blockquote>Thats a load of nothing to defend your weird fetish. Just be like normal people and keep it to yourself behind closed doors. …[C]hill out with the furries until they become the next progressive movement.</blockquote></a>

That’s how sexual fetishes become a progressive movement; if you bully a marginalized group enough; they will lash back.

And people wonder why there is a common fear to express sexuality…

Furries wouldn’t be an identity if they weren’t marginalized. This provokes that those groups go and act radically, becoming part either from a progressive lens, or a reactionary one. It’s the same thing that happened with gamers, otakus, nerds, etc. They weren’t volunteering for becoming an identity, but the marginalization made them become one. That’s why they are having emotional struggles and “gAtEkEePiNg” and whatnot, because they are seeing how an identity that was forced into them to find basically vital support on people having just a hobby, being in comfort with the group, and then once the group formed, being invaded by the same people that were driving them down to madness, making it the straw that broke the camel’s back.

And before everyone comes here saying “cringe”, “get a shower”, “you never got opposed”, etc, either you don’t remember, you are wicked enough to not want to remember, or you simply are too young to remember, but people has died simply because so much trivial and dumb things as liking some Dungeons and Dragons, Pokémon, or Cartoons even back then in the 2000’s. One of my best friends precisely got gang beated just because Pokémon, and I had a historial of strong marginalization to the point of attempting to commit suicide just because liking… What? Zelda? Anime? Just being a nerd that didn’t like whatever was trendy in my country, was an enough excuse to face continuous violence.

People that are like “why are nerds like this??” are just people that don’t give a fuck about the material reality and simply shirt therm history.

With furries is the same. And I can’t even say I like Sonic without being forced to this label which I really feel I don’t want to be, since my entertainment world doesn’t spin around the concept of anthropomorphic animals, yet that’s the thing.

I am not very interested in furry aesthetics, but anyone who’s a furry, please, know that you have a friend and a comrade in me, and that we will have nice times discussing arts of any kind and we will share interests and expand our interests this way.

Have a good one, comrades.


It’s hypocrisy at it’s finest. The bouregois bullies workers, and then acts like a victim when the workers revolt; likewise gamers get bullied for their existence until they revolt; and then normal people bullies act all surprised that they gatekeep their community.

Why did gamers get bullied at all? Games are an entertainment value like Movies and Books; it’s also profitable.

It’s the same with the anime fandom.

I am seriously considering making a !shitredditorssay community after seeing so many of these awful reddit posts and comments; even though I already moderate 3 communities and probably shouldn’t make another one.

Oh, I feel you. I am too much busy and I can’t even make one…

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