I thought this community might want to know.

You can see it working here

Scroll does not work (This can be fixed according to stack overflow, but I don’t know flutter well enough yet. I need to learn it)

Text comes out backwards. This is a bug in the flutter engine and it has been fixed already here https://github.com/flutter/engine/pull/32083/files

I couldn’t compile lemmur on the latest branch of flutter only stable. It complained about some keyboard lib. So I have not been able to test that pr.

It runs really fast and smooth. honestly faster and smoother than any QT app on the pinephone.

23 meses

Nice! I hope the issues are solvable, so that we can add Lemmur to LinuxPhoneApps.org 🙂

Community about running GNU/Linux on phones. Projects like Ubuntu Touch, Plasma Mobile, PostmarketOS, Mobian etc. Either on former Android phones or hardware like the PinePhone.

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