If you’ve ever looked at how rightwing movements operate, it appears they throw a lot of money around. And because of the world we live in, it gets results, ex the canadian trucker protest having basically all the same amenities as a festival, nearly a theme park. Advertising budget. Funding institutions/youtube channels to spread bs.

I think the first thing a leftist should do is, in order:

  1. get a good enough income for themself. This can include mutual aid or even things like food banks, depending on your philosophy.

1b) study some finance, ex the finance diet and use tricks from financial sources to boost income. This includes stock market/saving for retirement. I can elaborate later if u want on why savings are important. Including trying to use tax loop holes for our advantage. The rightwingers get an edge from this, we need to even the playing field

  1. take care of other important things like enough exercise, good diet, dating

  2. actual left things. But starting with making sure other lefties are well off financially. I’m not sure how to do this and not create capitalists. But technically if you have 0.0001% of stocks, you (the worker) owns 0.0001% of the means of production of that company. A good approach might be starting a worker co-op, where you give people a good wage and recruit youngins right out of high school. That way they learn what a just economic system is and when they branch of to other companies, they will hopefully expect just treatment and be more ready to push for a union in their new workplace.

I don’t agree on the specifics, but I agree that all people should take care of themselves as good as possible and then help their peers to achieve some kind of comfort as well. This isn’t necessarily an anarchist principle, but I believe that nobody should live a miserable life.

People are free to not follow my advice though, and I am fine with that as well. It’s just my life experience, I learned that without taking care of myself I was horribly bad at helping others.


Glad we agree on the general message! :p

Do you have any general specifics you’d recommend?

Do you have any general specifics you’d recommend?

not really, since everyone’s situation is different and everyone’s needs are different.

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