From the image’s description at Memory Alpha:

This image was a piece of artwork used in the production of <a href=“” title=“Star Trek: The Next Generation”><span title=“Star Trek: The Next Generation”>TNG</span></a>: “<a href=“” title=“The Naked Now (episode)”><span title=“The Naked Now (TNG 1x03)”>The Naked Now</span></a>”. It appeared on-screen behind <a href=“” title=“Data”>Data</a> aboard the <a href=“” title=“SS Tsiolkovsky”>SS <i>Tsiolkovsky</i></a>.

It is a <a href=“” title=“SS Tsiolkovsky dedication plaque”>dedication plaque</a> of that vessel, created by <a href=“” title=“Michael Okuda”>Michael Okuda</a>'s art department. It was been reproduced in <a href=“” title=“The Official Star Trek: The Next Generation Magazine issue 15”><i>The Official Star Trek: The Next Generation Magazine</i> issue 15</a>, p. 34, June 1991, and by Okuda himself as part of convention presentations.

<a href=“К._Э._Циолковский” title=“К. Э. Циолковский”>К. З. ЦИОПКОВСКИЙ</a>

<a href=“” title=“Oberth class”><i>Oberth</i>-class</a> - <a href=“” title=“Starfleet”>Starfleet</a> <a href=“” title=“Registry”>registry</a> NCC-53911

<a href=“” title=“Baikonur Cosmodrome”>Baikonur Cosmodrome</a>, <a href=“” title=“USSR”>USSR</a>, <a href=“” title=“Earth”>Earth</a>

Commissioned <a href=“” title=“Stardate”>stardate</a> <a href=“” title=“2363”>40291.7</a>

<i>“The Earth is the cradle of the mind but one cannot remain in the cradle forever.”</i>

<i> The Russian text К. З. ЦИОПКОВСКИЙ is misspelled: as, according to the </i><a href=“” title=“Star Trek Encyclopedia (2nd edition)”>Star Trek Encyclopedia</a><i> (2nd ed., p. 527), the ship is named for the Russian rocket scientist <a href=“” title=“wikipedia:Konstantin Tsiolkovsky”>Konstantin Tsiolkovsky</a>, it should read К. Э. ЦИОЛКОВСКИЙ. It would appear that the artist failed to recognize the subtle difference between the letters З (Z) and Э (E) and between the letters П (P) and Л (L) as well.

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