covering up the libshit may be enough


Redpixel is trying to do something.

I’m just gonna cover up fuck Putin on the Ukrainian flag. Not because I like Putin, but because the people doing it are definitely the worst people imaginable.

Maybe vandalizing the US flag would be a better use of our time?

A better use of our time would be doing anything that isnt trying in vain to change a few pixels that a horde of terminally online neoliberals will change 4 seconds later

This is what people should understand, the second you degrade yourself into whichever inconsequential flavors of the month bs the neolibs are into, even on the opposing side, you lose.


deleted by creator

We have to be cryptic about this to not get insta mass griefed, a flag of albania as a symbol of hoxhaism could work

The iron curtain has once again decended. I feel like 90% of liberals will go into nazi-mode if they see anyone represent not just Russia but any state not seen as part of their gang

Too many shitlibs to contend with

Who would have guessed reddit was a right wing hell hole

Like half the thing is just Ukraine flags right now. It’s gonna be so cringy this year. lol

This is going to age so poorly

Nah it’ll be great when it’s all said and done and Ukraine falls out of favor with the west and all the “oh turns out there were Nazis all along” posts come out. It’ll be preserved in history how quickly and adamantly libs soak up fascism the millisecond their masters order it.

Liberals will paint a giant swastika over it, to show how wholesome and democratic they are

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