They seem to be using /r/genUSA and /r/enoughcommiespam to organize these.

Y’know, if I had any faith in the executive branch of this cursed anglo nation, I’d be putting in so many tips you’d think I turned informant. Yankee devils hung Aaron Swartz in a prison cell under CFAA for some shit like what these reactionary locusts are doing right now; I’d say they deserve what happened to Swartz more than Swartz did.

We found out where genzedong went

yea not like we’ve been shouting it from the rooftops or anything. bunch of geniuses over there

That thread is pure cope. Especially this:

I am ashamed to see these people appropriating Free (as in free speech) software. Software that empowers communication MUST frame itself as open and welcoming to people of differing political beliefs (within reason), otherwise it alienates more than it empowers. When the developers actively fund and support the largest server, and constrain that server to be of such a specific and notorious political bent that is completely unrelated to software freedom, their messaging is clear.

I’ve never seen anyone so mad about people using free shit for its intended purpose. Ancaps should be in the circus.


Software that empowers communication MUST frame itself as open and welcoming to people of differing political beliefs (within reason)

The funny thing is that this is exactly what Lemmy is doing.

Funny that they had no problem kicking us off Reddit though.


differing political beliefs (within reason)

For the developers of lemmy, that means no racism, sexism, etc. Which is far too “authoritarian” for redditors.

The mean commies won’t let me use gamer words and they sent me to my room

Can we do anything to counter those assholes?

Any developers who have time to help Lemmy devs could try and find websocket vulnerabilities to patch. Likely rate limiting and all that


It was pretty stupid of that user to say publicly that they’re doing it. But really we just need to keep an eye on them and beef up our defenses.


To add, just like the US launches hundreds of terrorist attacks against Cuba from Miami, and pays pittances to anyone willing to do so, Cuba does not carry out retaliatory terrorist attacks against the US. We also should not be carrying out similar retaliations.

Lies, I personally got havana syndrome and shit 5 pairs of pants.

Oh G‐d, I can imagine an anticommunist skimming this and then seriously asking ‘when has the US ever attacked Cuba???’


lol. You know they have some weird justification for the bay of pigs too, like Cuba is at fault for getting invaded.

If there’s a single silver lining in reddit having its Viacom corporate overlords, maybe they’ll block and ban an asshole proudly breaking US law to interfere with someone’s freedom of speech…

LMAO that would be completelly hillarious

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A place to post threads on Reddit and brigade them. We’re allowed to do that on Lemmygrad so, let’s do it.

Holding that volume is important to disseminate ideas, we hope to help combat the anticommunist narratives on Reddit through pinpointed actions with the help of organised brigades.

First and foremost, the Reddit Action Front has a duty to educate the masses on Reddit, not troll them.

Please preface your post with [RAC] in the title!

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