Double post 😉 I’m thinking was it the top post for 2 days and the bot picked it up twice?


Good question. I’ll find out. It’s probably because I just migrated all my bots to a new system (volume of Reddit traffic was too much for my old server) and that reset the duplicate list. I’ll double check though because it’s supposed to filter posts it’s already done

/r/GenZedong, but on Lemmygrad!

This is a Dengist subreddit in favor of Bashar Al Assad with no information that can lead to the arrest of Hilary Clinton, our fellow liberal and queen. This subreddit is not ironic. We are Marxist-Leninists.


No Ableism, racism, misogyny etc.

No being pro Amerikkka

No being an electorialist or a lib(of course)

Moderator discretion

This community is explicitly pro AES

No dogmatism/idealism(Permanent Revolution type stuff, anarchism, etc.)

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