The demographics of Ukraine and the human resources available for your business. In total, 44,009,214 people live in the country. Out of them, 46.60% or 20,510,250 people are an active workforce. Ukraine is considered to be a developing nation. The linguistic situation in Ukraine is diverse, which is an essential factor for the business localization procedures.

The total population of Ukraine is 44,009,214 people. In Ukraine, the population density is 75 people per square kilometer. Based on these statistics, this country is considered sparsely populated. Ethnic diversity is diverse according to a fractionation scale, which for Ukraine is 0.4737. Ukraine has approximately 4,834,898 foreign immigrants. The average age is around 40.6 years. In Ukraine, 33.7 out of 100 people use the Internet. Ukraine has a Human Development Index (HDI) of 0.734.


Hey - just checking in. How is this “news”? Is it because Ukraine is in the news?

Hey! Ukraine is indeed in the news. I’ll be happy to share the details. What exactly would you like to know?


Hello. The horrible loss of life in this crisis is clear for all to see. Even though there is so much confusion on what is coming out of Ukraine, I wonder what is really the situation of government control like. Is the Ukrainian government controlling major areas or is the Russian army having an upper hand?

A space to share news as they break.

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