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They are right, mandatory vaccination is a terrible idea.


Not really, being against vaccinations is bourgeois / selfish individualism, which is what anarchism is more about than anything. Some good comments from this thread today:

“Anti-mandate” comes from a liberal conception of individualism. Socialists recognize that all of our actions affect one another, and therefore create a system for the betterment of all. Mandating someone to be vaccinated to participate in society (as even the US has done for decades with school children) is little different from mandating someone to not punch you in the face.

Doesnt matter if its a communist vaccine or a capitalist one if it saves your life. Its medicine.

you are mandated to drive on the legally required side of the road

you are legally mandated to not drink until you reach a certain age

you are legally mandated to get car insurance

you are legally mandated to pay taxes

you are legally mandated to not murder or steal

you are legally mandated to not drive while drunk

​you’ll notice that a lot of your life is spent following legal mandates, we’re just so used to them that we don’t think of them as mandates.

a law is a glorified way of saying “do as I say or I will bludgeon thee” because a sufficiently large group of people aren’t educated to know better or can’t be trusted to not do something stupid

I do, absolutely.

The result of people not getting vaccinated is that hospital beds fill up, and people who need other forms of medical care don’t get it. This puts our lives on hold. Increased transmission rates due to lack of vaccination also impact the clinically vulnerable, some of whom have found themselves locked inside for almost two years.

This impacts some of the most vulnerable in our society - the chronically ill, disabled, other people who may find themselves in different medical emergencies.

From personal experience, I have a serious disease that is growing lesions across my organs, and I’m faced with a two-year waiting list for surgery that I needed 9 months ago. The beds from the ward have been turned into covid beds. The covid beds are filled up with the unvaccinated.

Camarada Forte

I understand that you are skeptical about bourgeois governments, but thinking that every decision from up top is unreasonable is a terrible metaphysical take. Mandatory vaccines has been in effect in China, Laos, DPRK, Cuba and Vietnam. That alone should realize on what side you’re in.

Some sectors of the bourgeoisie also would benefit from a vaccinated population because it would slow the labor shortages of their shitty economy, which means some bourgeois sectors are actually wanting the people to be fully able to work without interruption through vaccination.

I say some sectors because there are obviously other sectors which has benefited a lot from the spread of the pandemic, and therefore wouldn’t think twice of promoting the astroturfing of vaccine and COVID denial. Such is the case of digital retailers (Amazon), pornographic empires (MindGeek), bourgeois social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), video sharing websites (mainly YouTube), streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max), etc.

Contrary to what you usually say about “Big Pharma promoting vaccines”, the most profitable companies actually benefit with the pandemic, as we have seen the ten richest billionaires double their profits since the pandemic. What you’re advocating, whether you are aware or not, benefits highly the bourgeoisie. In short,

Fight for mandatory vaccinations, fight petty-bourgeois vacillations


I don’t know if I’d call it a ‘terrible’ idea, just unfortunate that some situations make it historically inevitable.

One of the repliers in the thread described its necessity as a cultural failure. I agree with that. In a more collectivist and empathetic culture, a mandate would be unnecessary because almost everybody would actually care about harming innocent people. In Euro‐American culture, where many adults are so self‐absorbed that they’ll ignore a stranger lying down on the pavement and begging for help, it’s easy to understand why a central authority would be the one implementing mass vaccination. It strikes me as a crude, brute‐force tactic, and I would prefer a less invasive alternative if possible, but it isn’t exactly one of the biggest problems in my life either.

Regardless of our own opinions on it, it’s important to understand why mandatory vaccination happens, and why it’s probably inevitable.

Liberals say a lot of stupid things. Post incidences here.

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