As revolutionaries, we are visionaries. How else could we fight for a socialist future without having a vision of a better world? Same goes for climate change. We must stop imagining the apocalypse and start imagining the eco-socialist future. It is key to getting there. #climatecrisis #environment

Decent post overall, but apparently the writer hasn’t been made aware of carbon capture if he’s even leaving the possibility humanity could go extinct from climate change at this point.


I’m curious about his stance, but I guess I’ll have to get the book to know how we all aren’t screwed. I’d like to first know the technical feasibility and then the social feasibility. And the post gives no evidence for either. However, this doesn’t mean the book won’t give me that(!).

With carbon capture becoming a thing, we definitely won’t be screwed according to several climate scientists.


Carbon capture does sound promising. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any mention of it in the link you posted :( However, given Kursgesagt’s most recent video on climate change (and yes, this shows how late this reply is; sorry!), your point regarding us not being screwed by climate change is bolstered. It’s relieving to think in those terms!

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