With the new Time Mag article saying the subreddit calls for violence against Uighurs, how do you think it’ll be before it’s banned?

We really gotta get more people moved over to Lemmy white the community is still around.

I think there should be an official announcement promoting Lemmy

Yeah, should just be a pinned post encouraging people to sign up.


Yeah, luckily there’s a lot of ppl in that thread pushing lemmygrad, and we do seem to be their official backup. But enough still don’t know about us, and when reddit bans a sub, they don’t give any warnings.

A bot like the discord one should be spamming Lemmy under every post til the sub is deleted.

I just came over to Lemmy yesterday.



Welcome comrade!

I think the owner has a lemmy backup and a hexbear backup so hopefully the community will be able to survive a ban

I saw that post last night and came to the conclusion this post is about and decided it was time.

they really said that?? lmao


Not only that but they also equated to a Hindu fascist subreddit

hahaha holy shit the first link is because r/sino called out Rushan Abbas (CIA employee) and the second is a pretty tame and exhaustive explanation of terrorism in Xinjiang (and thus why there are vocational centres), it’s not “promoting violence against Uyghurs” lmao.


Here’s that one:

  • Reddit holds an AMA for an “Uyghur Activist”, who turns out to be Rushan Abbas, a CIA agent who worked for Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Justice, and various U.S. intelligence agencies, and even worked at Guantanamo bay, the US muslim torture camp. 1 2

jesus christ those comments lmao.

r o a s t e d

imo after the Reddit IPO is finished is the best time for mass purging of communities

you should all move out of Reddit ASAP either way

r/genzedong lurker, just made my way here after reading that ridiculous TIME magazine hit piece. Having been on reddit for years, I knew this might happen someday, but it’s still a shame to see it now. Keep fighting the good fight and bless you all for being an inspiration.

“Let’s show these barbarians how democratic we are”

I still have hope it won’t. Still, there is a high chance it will.

I have an impression that GenZedong will still be around for at least 6 months.


My guess? Before this weekend. The Reddit wizards have repeatedly demonstrated that they only take down popular subcommunities when the negative publicity starts pouring in, and now that it’s here, I doubt that we’ll have to wait too long.

ETA: Okay, maybe not that soon, then.

I think it definitely will get banned, but maybe we have some time left. I myself don’t have enough experience with reddit to give an educated guess though. Let’s just hope it won’t happen and try to get as many people as possible to migrate to lemmy

I’m going to say 1st of April. Feels appropriate.


I think we’ll still have a little more time before it gets (probably) quarantined. Who knows though. Having (mostly rich liberal) shareholders looking at bad PR is definitely not going to help, but we weren’t really the focus of that article. Who knows though.

Either up to reddit’s IPO or right before we hit 50k readers

probably not long, alot of people don’t know about lemmy too

I’d place it at March.

/r/GenZedong, but on Lemmygrad!

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