Hello friends,

I just want to express my official disrespect for people that do the following

Is mockery okay?

In general no, free speech has limits but mockery is a gray-zone. I admit, I also do it from time to time, but normally not towards one single individual, only if there is actual evidence that he is to be known to be a troll. Try to de-escalate, sometimes a joke helps, when its not meant as insult.

There is a fine line between mocking and aggressive trolling, as well as targeting specific individuals. I also think I do not need to explain further that there is a difference between actual evidence, baseless accusations, and flaming or trolling.

How to address this the proper way

  • Block such individuals or his communities.
  • Try to contact a Mod in private before you do something bad.
  • Try not to respond, if you are forced to, then stay objective. This can be hard, sure thing. Do not put fuel in the tank by responding, only respond if you think misinformation is spread.
  • Contact a Mod or Admin to clean things up, as last resort.
  • Report if there is no other way and you use above mention methods first. The report button is not a tool that you abuse whenever it fits you or your own believes.
  • Take a person dispute to a private level, if you feel like you need to argue. Do this via DM or eMail or other platforms beyond public.
  • Take a break. Social Media as well as been in public is hard work, people judge you all the time and cherry-pick whatever dirt they find. Humans are not perfect, everyone can have a bad day.
  • Stay productive.
  • Take it with humor or respond with humor, which is a sign of intelligence and self-awareness.

Please keep the respect for

  • People that actual write articles, blog posts and trying to help. Excluded are people that spread propaganda and misinformation.
  • Coders and in general for those who develop things, hardware, software etc.
  • People who bring new ideas to the table, as well as other individuals here on Lemmy and other platforms. Blindly bashing others only results in hate.

You will get banned from my communities if you break those codex, and I will remove all your content to show my clear direction regarding breaking the code of conduct and my own codex.

Keep the piece.

I mention it because some people I banned afterwards asking me why they got banned, above reasons is basically why. You always can apologize via DM or retract your content and then we can try to start talking about a second chances, but in most cases such bans are permanent for an absolute good reason, I nor any Lemmy.ml mod, admin banning without solid reason and this is only as a last resort option for people who have no real interest in communicating on an adult level. Sometimes retreading and overthinking helps a lot to get a better picture of the whole situation.



This statement might be updated and improved in the future.

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