Hello, just want to express my official disrespect for people that

  • Shit-talk others.
  • Harass others.
  • Dox others.
  • Which-hunting others - also across different platforms.
  • Making useless arguments towards article authors such oh this is BS without anything. Or if you try to discredit someone based on what you think is actual correct. Bring necessary evidence on the table if someone want to take you serious.
  • People who constantly abuse the voting system to enforced their believes that xyz has less or and more value than XYZ. Just because YOU do not like it does not mean it has less meaning. The same goes vice versa, fanboyism and constant up votes are something which I cannot respect.
  • Trolling, making things up or trying to be right by constantly editing your posts or to aggressively arguing when there is substantial nothing to talk about.
  • Over aggressively argue because they desperately want to be right.
  • If the admin or Mod warns you to stop, you will stop, no mater if you think he is right or wrong.

Is mocking okay…

It is a gray-zone. I admit, I also do it from time to time, but normally not towards one single individual, only if there is actual evidence that he is to be known to be a troll. Definition for such terms, also the above ones that I mentioned, can be googled.

There is a fine line between mocking and aggressive trolling, as well as targeting specific individuals. I think I do not need to explain that there is a difference between actual evidence, baseless accusations, and flaming or trolling.

How to address this the proper way

  • Block such individuals.
  • Try not to respond, if you are forced to, then stay objective. This can be hard, sure thing. Do not put fuel in the tank by responding, only respond if you think misinformation is spread.
  • Contact a Mod or Admin to clean things up.
  • Take a person dispute to a private level, if you feel like you need to argue. Do this via DM or eMail or other platforms beyond public.
  • Take a break. Social Media as well as been in public is hard work, people judge you all the time and cherry-pick whatever dirt they find. Humans are not perfect, everyone can have a bad day.
  • Stay productive.
  • Take it with humor or respond with humor, which is a sign of intelligence and self-awareness.

Please keep respect for

  • People that actual write articles.
  • Coders and for those who develop things.
  • People who bring new ideas to the table, as well as other individuals here on Lemmy and other.

You will get banned from my communities if you break those guidelines, and I will remove all your content.

I mention it because people I banned often ask me why they got banned, this is basically why. You can apologize via DM or retract your content and then we can try to start about second chances, but n most cases such bans are permanent for a reason.



The statement might be updated or improved in the future.

CK’s Technology News is a Nonprofit Organization (NPO) that provides Tech, Security, Privacy related News, Guidance & Tips.

I will mainly post third-party tools and guides in here.

Guild Motto: Scientia potentia est

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Guild Rules - Take it serious

  • No re-posts, search before you submit something.
  • FOSS tools are preferred, only approved closed source tools are allowed.
  • No political/meme related stuff, there are other places for that.
  • No racism or racist stereotypes.
  • No tracking in links or ip-loggers/grabbers. Clean URLs only (without ref).
  • No conspiracy theories.
  • Bypass PayWalls for Chrome or Firefox.
  • Avoiding Logical Fallacies - Logical fallacies are errors of reasoning - specific ways in which arguments fall apart due to faulty connection making.
  • Do not defend product x or service x because you like it, post evidence for your claim otherwise you will get banned.
  • Endless quoting results in community ban, make your point but do not argue without anything.
  • Trolling results in community ban. I have no time to play the Kindergarten Cop.

Useful resources

When Alexander the Great was dying, his generals asked who he would leave his empire to. If he would appoint a successor, it would keep the legacy intact… prevent generations of bloodshed! His answer was simple, ‘I leave it to the strongest.’ ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯

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