I’ve heard many socialists/communists really wanting to get the hell of the West, while many others feel that they should do work where they are toward socialism/communism. Just curious about opinions on this community. Would you want to actually go to a socialist country with all the difficulties that comes with uprooting your life and going through the immigration process? Why or why not? Have any of you ever attempted to? My (anticommunist) family immigrated to Canada from China when I was really young (wasn’t my choice) and I’m now a Canadian citizen (renounced Chinese nationality) and definitely used to Canadian/Western culture a lot more than Chinese culture, can barely speak Mandarin, but sometimes I debate to myself on trying to go back to China just because of all the shit that is going on here and all the good shit they’re getting right over there.

I don’t live in the West, but rather in a third world country. Still, I think there’s no option for any such kind of meaningful leftist movement here, and I live like hell. I would love to move to a communist country, specially China, but since I don’t have any studies I don’t know how could I achieve that, so I think I will die like a rat here.

The movement in my home country needs all the help it can get. Having leftists bail instead of helping the proletariat here would be just the biggest waste of time and talent, and a really major tactical blunder

Sorry, but I don’t see this really affecting the balance of power. China and their allies will dominate the political sphere regardless of whether or not we bail on our countries.

Dr. Daniel Jackson

two years ago I had done most of the learning and preparing to immigrate to China and nationalize as a Chinese citizen, I even went the extra mile and got in touch with some people who were going to allow me to rent a room in their house while I got all of my stuff together. But, my girlfriend of the time put her heels down on the whole thing, because she didn’t believe China would be much better, and didn’t want her college education to go to waste (she would’ve had to redo it in China, because the certifications she was going to get wouldn’t transfer over). So I abandoned the idea.

I would try again, now that I’m no longer with her, but I’m far too poor to try again. Unless I immigrated illegally, and left a lot of meaningful stuff behind in the process, I simply couldn’t afford to do it now.

edit** I forgot it’s 2022, this happened in 2019. Just before the pandemic hit.


What would you have done for $ had you moved there?

I don’t actually know, I wanted to try to become a farmhand or something on a tea plantation, but I didn’t really look closely at employment options.


One route I’m thinking of doing, is to be a local student and pay for school there, then look for a job while getting fluency. Pry much easier to stay for a while on a student type visa, and easier to find a job once you’re there.

RED Vulpix

If you’re comfortable with sharing, what kind of certifications wouldn’t transfer? I would have assumed that bachelor’s degrees from most Western universities would be fine considering there are a lot of Chinese students abroad.

Best of luck if you want to or get the opportunity to try again in the future!


I’m trying to learn Mandarin from basically nothing, so you’re far ahead of a lot of us there.

I def think it’d be worth it to go back: the beautiful cities, rapid development and opportunities, public transport…and they’ve been done with covid since april 2020. Its for sure something to look forward to and be hopeful about for me.


Assuming that I still can’t find a socialist movement in my locality, I would consider travelling to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and offer my labor to any commune that wants it. That said, emigration is expensive and my family would be deeply upset if I tried to travel that far, so it would be too inconvenient for me. Ideally we should focus on trying to strengthen the proletariat here, but with such limited opportunities I can understand why somebody would rather go elsewhere.

Kino Eye ☭

I would like to stay here and work with the movement to improve things for the mass of people in the country. I’m pretty well off, so I’m not concerned with improving my life. I am however, a settler, so it doesn’t feel like my decision to make and if people tell me that me leaving is necessary for their liberation, I will go.


I’ve thought about this before. If I ever live anywhere else, it will just be for a short while before returning. I don’t want to start a family anywhere else unless I am committed to living the rest of my life there because I don’t want my children raised between two countries like I was. The only situation where I’d want to immigrate somewhere else is if KPRF wins in Russia, then I would consider it.
But I believe in people staying and working on socialism in their own countries.

I actually fell in love with a lady in Vietnam and ended up moving here and now have a kid. It wasn’t really a decision to just move to a socialist country but it’s one I’m happy with, and if you’re interested in doing so I would recommend it.

The standard of living is less than I’m used to and it can be annoying at times. I miss certain things, mainly wide open spaces that I can take my dog to, and being constantly on guard with him because dogs can be pretty aggressive here due to owners beating them and letting them roam off leash. I’m not generalizing, that’s just how it is here. Some people love dogs but hitting them with sticks and stuff isn’t exactly uncommon. That stuff sucks but the rest is all good. Im much happier here than I ever was in Australia and I’ve never had such a chill boss.

The best thing is the big lunch breaks where everyone sleeps. Took about a year to adjustto that and now I’m dozing off with the best of them after eating. It’s the bomb.

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