We all know that our activity on the Internet is not that hard to track. It just annoys some people more than others. If you are really hardcore, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of networki…

Do you need Kodachi? Probably not, if you are a Linux guru. Plus, most people aren’t doing anything that’s that interesting. But if you want to protect your privacy or you are up to something, give Kodachi a try. Then again, if you are that paranoid, maybe that’s just what THEY want you to do. Make your own decisions.


Seems like you don’t even need Kodachi if you’re not a Linux guru, or rather, that it’s actually harmful and not good for “the paranoid” (whoever that is).

People should instead educate themselves on how to achieve pseudonymity and privacy on the internet. There’s no anonymity unless you do several dozen steps exactly right, which is not possible without extensive knowledge.

Ah yes so the system logs your unique hash and IP address. not very secure… why not use an established solution like Tails?

why not use an established solution like Tails?

Because you can even be more paranoid and less secure with another solution!

I prefer Qubes OS as @downdaemon@lemmy.ml already suggested. It’s basically Tails but with persistent storage.

See also: I used the reasonably-secure Qubes OS for 6 months and survived - Matty McFatty [@themattymcfatty, youtube]

Tails has persistent storage! Qubes is intended to run different system in order to compartmentalize activities, while Tails is a single system routing everything through Tor. The threat model is not exactly the same: Tails threat model is you can carry your USB key at all times in order to know when it’s been compromised; the same cannot be said of a laptop/desktop :)

Both are amazing!


Or Qubes. Tails isn’t sutable for full time use.

down daemon

I’d prefer Qubes

Does it grow hair? Qubic hair.


Kodachi is super shady tho.

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