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Black Tulip

Do you have sources for any of your claims? Because you’re objectively wrong on all of them and your final point is out of left field.

Fact, there are ~440 nuclear power reactors currently operating in the world.

It’s a myth that they’re dangerous, but that myth is based on only two meltdowns. Those being Chernobyl and the Fukushima Daiichi. Both of which were catastrophic failures where safety protocol wasn’t followed. Statistically, that means only 0.45% of nuclear reactors have melted down. That’s far safer than 297 accidents happening in coal power plants between 1907 and 2007.

Fact, Nuclear energy is the second biggest producer of “clean” energy.

The myth that they’re unclean comes from a misconception about the steam that rolls out of nuclear power plant stacks. That steam is legitimately just water though.

Every leading country that cares about the environment is switching to nuclear, solar, and turbine-generated power. Why? because they’re the only sources of long term electricity that don’t cause pollution while generating electricity.

Genuinely the only two things that are bad about nuclear power are the great amount of resources required to build plants (it takes a lot of steel and concrete, those industries aren’t “green”) and the mining of Uranium that’s required for the generation of power, which also isn’t green.

Nuclear is imperfect, but it’s far better than any of the fossil fuel energy plants.



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