what should i do with my life

life under capitalism is boring and i do not have to go to work or school what should i do with my life …


Examples of pre-capitalist Revolutions?

We know that the history of all know societies is the history of class struggle, invluding slave societies (ancient greece, ancient rome) and feudal societies (middle age europe). So there must have been revolutions from the oppressed classes against their respective ruling classes. Are there any Ma…

I watched Richard Wolff's lecture “Understanding Socialism”

I find it kinda weird how Wolff says “there is not one socialism, but socialisms” and later entirely contradicts himself by arguing China and USSR were “state capitalists” and not socialist. …

how do we promote propganda

what are methods to which we can deploy propaganda. how to we get people to gain class conciseness though the use of propaganda …

why do some leninists insist on using the state as a means to achieve revolution

my local ML party insists on using the state as a means to archive revolution instead of going to communities and helping people. who really need it. in India there are Maoists(Naxalites) that go around helping and improving the lives of people according to the [Indian government](https://tribal.nic

why do leninists countries have a cult of personalty

why is it that in a country like the dprk china and the USSR. there where cults surrendering leaders. such as Kim-il-sung Kim-jong-il Josef Stalin etc …

what are some short Marxist texts for beginners

i am printing and handing out texts on how to get involved in in action and why you need to but i am stuck finding texts that are short (so people will find it easy to read)…

why does censorship exist under state socialism

i was reading a Wikipedia page for the samizdat and it seems like the samizdat where directly organizing a movement to improve the lives of soviet citizens i seems unfair to shut down a political movement like this …

how do you change things in society under Leninism

in terms of legalizing same-sex marriage that sort of stuff laws that would be hard to pass because of homophobia within the party…

why did leninists use secret police

why is it after the revolution of the proletariat the Marxist-leninist party’s enforce secret police …

why did lenin kill all those people

anarchists like to complain about how Lenin killed hundreds of prostitutes this is the unfortunate cost of war incidents get hurt and killed. i was wondering if anyone had any arguments for why this had to be or why it happened was i…

Does a large scale communist society necessarily require a minimum level of technology?

Here’s a little thought experiment I came up with: let’s say the population of a large city under a communist government was suddenly transported back to prehistoric times. None of their technology came with them, only the knowledge in their brains. Let’s assume they survive, would they be able to k…

how do revolutions occur

the communist manifesto says class struggle is what causes revolutions but if that where the case capitalism would have ended by now …

what are some good ways to go about organizing

if anyone would be able to link to some pamphlets/texts that would help me forum a group …

dose anyone know good books/pamphelts on the history of the ussr/dprk/china

if find it hard to find out what relly happend how do i know whats a fact and whats fiction …

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