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It’s my hope that this sub can become a place for Comrades to discuss, share, and learn more about China. Feel free to reach out if anyone has recommendations, requests, or wants to be modded. Stay tuned!..

Getting things running

FYI you can get Governance of China for free from your local Chinese Embassy

Just send an email to their public diplomacy service or press services if they have one, and ask them if it’s possible to get all three books delivered. They’ll be happy to know you’re interested. …

It’s funny how the US decries China for “lack of scientific cooperation”, bans them from participation in the ISS, and will presumably get mad when they build their own station instead…

China: Oil spill from N. Moundreas-owned tanker in Yellow Sea after collision

The tanker was reportedly anchored near the Chinese port of Qingdao, with local authorities and the tanker’s operators citing heavy fog during the accident. International press reports cited a fuel oil spill in the Yellow Sea on Monday morning (local time), after a Chinese-owned bulk vessel collided…

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