All Cops Are Bastards

In Detroit, police brutalize and arrest protesters demonstrating against police brutality. Police case alleging protesters were conspiring to commit crimes collapses after police are unable to come up with a single instance proving it. But the accusation of conspiring to commit a crime is splashed…


ACAB just helped me with a biology exam!

Brown algae use Chlorophyll types A and C, green algae use A and B. We learned about brown algae in our class before greens, so the mnemonic device I came up with is ACAB. …

I was greeted by 12 @PortlandPolice officers who were apparently guarding two dumpsters full of food that mutual aid orgs were trying to distribute and hungry folks were trying to eat …

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All Cops Are Bastards

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    “You might think you’re Punk, but don’t act like one when the police are around” -Shepard Fairey

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