Hm 🤔

  • aedalla
    78 months ago

    I was actually just talking with a coworker about the absence of the baculum in humans and how the book of genesis drawing attention to that is highly symbolic of how humans and other mammals who lack a baculum have lost it due to our highly social natures and the role of sex as a social bonding activity rather than being purely (or even just mostly) reproductive.

    It makes me sad sometimes that one of the biggest facets of modern Christianity is intentional ignorance the Bible’s rich cultural context. People act like knowing more about what any of it actually means is heretical. I wish there was a bigger movement to take Christianity back to its roots without all of the blatant control tactics, but I also worry that it’s been abused in that way for so long that it’s just a wash. Kind of like how the swastika used to be a symbol of peace to many religions, but it’s been so profoundly tied to horrific acts that it can’t really be used that way anymore.