Eric Zuesse An obliquely-written news-report in the New York Times on January 18th headlined “U.S. Warms to Helping Ukraine Target Crimea” and subheaded “The Biden administration is considering the argument that Kyiv needs the power to strike at the Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014.” It reported that, “the Biden administration is finally starting
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Maybe they were, and they clearly deserved a better central government than they were provided. But if that was the case, they could have held a legitimate referendum on their own.

Except that Ukraine did not afford them the opportunity to do that. They literally were not given an option to hold a referendum on their own.

Whenever I ask for or try to find proof of that, all that I ever see is a single conversation that very much does not provide evidence that the West did anything of the sort.

I’ve repeatedly provided you with detailed references to this in many prior conversations. The west was actively involved in funding the coup and selecting the government afterwards. Plenty of western sources document these events. Meanwhile, you’re the one who is actually denying agency of people in Donbas and Crimea who rebelled against the nationalist regime in western Ukraine because you hate Russia. Stop projecting please.

I’ve provided you with detailed population breakdowns in Ukraine before that clearly show that people in the east and west have wildly different views and identities. You try to homogenize the people of Ukraine to make your inarrative work.

Watch this video that CNN broadcast about what the regime you support was doing to people of Donetsk back in 2014. This is what you stand for.

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