I’m bored of just reading about north America. It’s interesting but I’m sure equally interesting stuff is happening on all the other continents. Is there a way to internet, just browse for stories and opinions, but filtering out the overwhelming dominant subject.

Lemmy was planning a tagging feature for a while. So posters would always tag language and country. So you could chose to only see things pertinent to your language and region. What happened to that?

Americans only talk about a few things. And they all think the same way. It was interesting but I know enough about that now. How can I (easily and conveniently) discover what else is there in the world?

14 días

I would like to filter out all western media and big tech domains just to see what the internet would be like. I think the best way right now using FOSS software would be to make your own lemmy instance where you set the rule of nothing regarding America. But then you need people actually using the instance to add links otherwise you wouldn’t see a thing. If you don’t care about FOSS software then I’d say the best option is the google feed that adapts to you based on the opinions you give to what it shows. I had it on my Android phone before degoogling and it always showed me what I found most interesting at the moment.

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