To control one computer from another using the terminal I use ssh, but what if I want to use a GUI program from the other computer in the one I’m using? Both computers are on the same local network.

I’ve seen there are multiple options like VNC and Deskreen. Which is the simplest one?

I’ve been told x2x is the simplest way

I’ve been using x2x for controlling between Linux OSs.

There is also win2x and mac2x, but I’ve never used them.

I don’t think you can get simpler.

If you have already set up passwordless ssh, connecting is as simple as ssh -XC username@ip x2x -west -to :0.0

then you have control over the the desktop at ‘ip’ from your current keyboard and mouse.

but I get an error when using it

❯ ssh -XC user@ x2x -west -to :0.0
X11 forwarding request failed on channel 0
x2x - error: can not open display

I’ve also tried TigerVNC. I’ve followed the steps in the Initial setup and Accessing vncserver via SSH tunnels from the TigerVNC arch wiki and now when I try to login a black screen flashes and it takes me to the login page again. So I can’t access the computer. Now I can only access from another computer by ssh or graphically by using the TigerVNC Viewer.

I would like to still be able to login normally to the computer without having to login from another computer.


❯ firefox --no-remote

Works though. Thanks!

Be careful with some applications as they check for a running instance on the local machine. Firefox is an example: either close the running Firefox instance or use the following start parameter to start a remote instance on the local machine:


Ah! Cool! Good job :-)

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